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"Just wanted to let you know our barn sold very quickly. Thank you very much for the use of your website. What a wonderful tool! Please remove our listing as we are still receiving calls. Thank you again." - Tom Kee
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We have all kinds of barns for sale! Restored barns; new timber frame barns; pole barns - all for sale right here. You'll also find antique barns and new horse barns; post & beam barns; salvaged barns; even converted barns. There's a barn here for everyone!

The, it's operators or host makes no claim to the condition or accuracy of any barn or any listings, old or new that are listed on this website. All buyers of an " As Is Barn " are strongly encouraged to have a professional barn person inspect or survey the barn before making the decision to purchase.

  Old Barns For Sale
As-Is Barns
Find old barns for sale here at Perhaps the seller's barn has been neglected or needs costly barn renovation or repair that they cannot afford. Recycling these old barns is the best option. Old salvaged barn wood is truly green building when you use reclaimed barnwood in your design. Nationwide listing of old barns for sale and barn beams and planking. Once restored, these historic timber frames can be dismantled and re-erected at your site or turned into reclaimed flooring or one of a kind barn wood furniture. We are asked daily, "I want to sell my barn ...Where can I sell it."
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  Old Barns For Sale
Restored Barns
These restored antique barn timber frames have been carefully repaired and are ready for conversion into barn homes or businesses. Timber frame contractors specializing in old barn renovations can turn these beautiful mortise and tenon structures into your dream home. True post and beam construction that can be relocated and re-erected. Moving an old barn is not as hard as you might think!!
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  New Barns For Sale
Timber Frame Barns
Find a timber frame builder here at the Most timber framers have barn plans using post and beam construction that will suit your barn needs and many of these constractors are members of the timber framers guild. Timber frame barns differ from pole barns or post frame barns in that the timber frame barn is held together with wooden pegs or pins. Timber frame joinery can vary but almost always relies on wooden pegs and mortise and tenon construction for it's structural strength.
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  New Barns For Sale
Pole Barns
Nationwide directory and listing of pole barns and pole barn builders. Find a pole barn company in your area. Less costly than timber frame barns, pole or post frame barns are built using dimensional framing lumber or metal and held together with metal fasteners...not wooden pegs as in timber frame construction. Pole barns can come in the form of barn plans or kits and are most often used as agricultural structures, garages or horse barns.
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  Barn Conversions For Sale
Find state by state real estate or property for sale that features barn homes or barn conversions. Old barns restored and converted by antique timber frame contractors can become one of a kind barn conversion residences, commercial spaces and studios and great room additions. No better rustic buildings style than an old barn transformed into a custom home.
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